New Castle Veterinary Clinic

228 North 7th Street
New Castle, CO 81647


New Castle Veterinary Services

After 28 years of serving as the veterinarian at New Castle Veterinary Clinic, Dr Tori Palmer is retiring and the New Castle Veterinary Clinic is closed.  Dr. Palmer has hand selected another local veterinary hospital, The Valley Veterinary Hospital, to continue the high level of care she has provided for her clients and pets. 

If you are a client of New Castle Veterinary Clinic, your records have already been transferred to The Valley Veterinary Hospital.  Dr Palmer has been in communication with Drs Owens, Pearce, and Peters of Valley Vet to discuss all cases and ensure a seamless transition.

For further information on The Valley Veterinary Hospital, please visit their website at:

The Valley Veterinary Hospital
317 West Ave

Rifle, CO 81650
p: (970) 625-5035
fax: (970) 625-8510

The Valley Veterinary Hospital Hours:
Mon: 9-5
Tues: 9-5
Wed: 9-5
Thurs: 9-5
Fri: 9-5
Sat: 9-12